For Better or for Worse?

Our survivor, Jenny, does not like to dwell on her past, and so she favours word economy in the telling of her story. Here is a concise account of her abusive experience. On our wedding day When he broke my arm                                                                          I should have walked away However, at the hospital, in his crisp suit,Continue reading “For Better or for Worse?”

The Domestic Abuse Trap

What makes a woman stay in an abusive situation? What stops a woman from running and rejecting being another person’s punching bag? A January 2020 article in Psychology Today, suggests 8 Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships. These include distorted thoughts; damaged self-worth; fear; wanting to be a saviour; children; family expectations and experiences; financial constraintsContinue reading “The Domestic Abuse Trap”

Roxy’s Survivor Story

The advice of the uninformed is usually, “Just leave him.” “If he hits her, why doesn’t she leave?” The reality is that worldwide 1 in 4 women who decide to leave an abusive relationship are murdered by the ex-spouse or partner after they have left. Experts on intimate partner violence have concluded that leaving anContinue reading “Roxy’s Survivor Story”

Domestic Violence Awareness

As I ponder what I really want to say as we recognize this month as DV Awareness month I am confronted by two thoughts. First, domestic violence always has a genesis and it is not the fault of the abused. In Trinidad, the culture of victim blaming is so pervasive that many a member of society (both man and woman) will make statements like “She look fuh dat!” Reshma Kanchan, the latest victim of this crime in our country.

Hello and Welcome! You are a SURVIVOR!

Here we will tell the painful stories that so many have deemed us as brave to tell. Here we will share the silence and pain of those for whom it is an insurmountable task to relive the ordeal much less speak about it. Here we will give of ourselves as we tell our truths, no story here will be fictional.