Keeping Hope Alive Women’s Foundation #ishoutsilently is a platform created for the victims, survivors of, and advocates against domestic violence, sexual assault and intimate partner violence to find solace in the articles that we write. Here they can find hope, comfort and some semblance of peace if only for one moment.

This blog allows victims and survivors to discuss issues, exchange ideas and to network with other survivors so that the quality of life that they currently endure can be greatly improved. Every issue and challenge that we face along tips and tricks, DIYs, upcoming events and a host of other topics can be accessed through this blog.

Keeping Hope Alive Women’s Foundation KHAWF
We will create an environment that is conducive to healing and regaining the power that was stolen from us. We cannot regain the innocence that we lost but we hope to protect the innocence of those who have never faced the atrocities that we have faced.

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