Crystal’s Story

When I first sat down with Crystal it was with a view to get some information with respect to her level of education and what she wanted to do with her life at the age of 30. She is the mother of 3 children by three different fathers, and she is at the battered women’s shelter because of the most recent domestic violence relationship.

Currently, she is HIV positive and has no family members to assist in any way. I needed to know a little bit of her background, and I felt that my own life experiences put me in a place where I couldn’t be surprised anymore. I was wrong.

Crystal claims that at age 6 weeks, her mother gave her into the custody of her grandmother. At the onset of puberty, however, her biological father came and took her to live with him and his new wife. He introduced her almost immediately to pornography, and in short order, regular videotaped sex sessions with him and his wife. Crystal says her father openly expressed his desire to get her pregnant so he could “see what she could make”. Crystal says she never saw anything wrong with this because she knew of nothing different in her family. It was only when he introduced her to anal sex, and she ended up in the hospital, that everything became public knowledge and the police got involved.

The high court matter stretched out over nine years, and at the end of it all, her father was released due to insufficient evidence.

During this period, Crystal had one daughter, but the relationship with the child’s father had not worked out, and she was seeing someone else—a much older man in his forties who wanted to marry her. She took this proposal as an opportunity to have a fresh start, and she jumped at it. In less than three months, she was pregnant and happily shared the news with her family. However, her happiness was short-lived; her grandmother informed her that her husband was, in fact, her father’s younger brother, and therefore, her biological uncle.

Her son from that marriage, now 8 years old, has never been told about his parentage and Crystal fears the repercussions of letting him know. How do you tell your son that his father is also his great-uncle by blood?

Six years after that revelation, Crystal finds herself in yet another relationship, and once again pregnant. She realizes that her live in boyfriend is cheating on her with none other than her own mother. Furthermore, her mother has shared this Side Chick/Mother-in-Law romance on Facebook for John public to admire.

If I were to buckle down for days with pen and paper, I could not have come up with a more dramatic plot for a soap opera. Sad to say though, this is Crystal’s story, and it is the absolute truth.

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My training is primarily in the field of Education ,with particular interest in promoting the needs of Women and children who have survived the scourge of domestic violence .

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