Hello and Welcome! You are a SURVIVOR!

Thank you for coming to our blog. We are grateful that you could join with us on what has translated into our voice in Trinidad and Tobago. This blog was created as a reflective index of what it means to be a survivor of domestic violence, intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

Statistics are clear when it comes to these three categories of crime in our nation and across the world. One in three women will face the fallout of being a victim of domestic abuse or IPV (https://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/facts-and-figures) and that means that even if you yourself have not fallen prey to domestic violence you certainly know someone who is or was.

Though our focus is mainly the victims and survivors of these insidious crimes we will reflect on many a topic because we are not narrow minded or one dimensional individuals. We don’t see the world through the discoloured lens of pain, rather we see the world through the eyes of hope!

Here we will tell the painful stories that so many have deemed us as brave to tell. Here we will share the silence and pain of those for whom it is an insurmountable task to relive the ordeal much less speak about it. Here we will give of ourselves as we tell our truths, no story here will be fictional.

We envision that this blog will bring healing and even transformation for our readers because we know that many will identify with what is said here. As a result of what we have endured we know the demons that you, our readers, may wrestle with at times, maybe even every day that you live. We hold you here as safe and protected, heal through us! We value your feedback and comments and we value you too.

#ishoutsilently isn’t just a hashtag for us but a statement of our commitment to those who are silently dying in their prisons of self loathing and self hating, crying out silently for someone to reach out and touch them, see them. We see YOU! You are strong even though you feel weak, you are loved, forgiven, worthy, beautiful, unbroken!


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