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A safe haven for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and intimate partner violence to connect, learn and heal. A safe space to let it all out!

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Rising Above Grief

When tragedy strikes, it is virtually impossible to feel anything but intense grief, anger, and hopelessness. How can we rationalise or make sense of the brutal and violent end to a young person’s life? The family of Ashanti Riley is grappling with such questions after her untimely and horrific end. It is alleged that MsContinue reading “Rising Above Grief”

For Better or for Worse?

Our survivor, Jenny, does not like to dwell on her past, and so she favours word economy in the telling of her story. Here is a concise account of her abusive experience. On our wedding day When he broke my arm                                                                          I should have walked away However, at the hospital, in his crisp suit,Continue reading “For Better or for Worse?”


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